2.11.2016, 12:41
It took a good ten years for Bluetooth and WiFi. Now NFC is getting there too: it is finally becoming mainstream. And we are there to help make it happen. RFID has been around for quite some time, successfully used in asset tracking, transport ticketing, manufacturing, et cetera. So what makes NFC such a big thing?
2.11.2016, 12:41
Confidex proudly presents Confidex Links™ - world first, truly modular NFC tag portfolio for high-volume applications. The product line’s modularity is based on multiple options related to the tag’s chip memory, label materials and optional Confidex services for printing, encoding and branding of the tags.
4.10.2016, 8:51
There has been demand in the market for a small but powerful RFID tag that is as easy to print and personalize as a label but still works on any surface like a hard tag. Confidex set out to develop a solution for the demand: Confidex Silverline Blade™ on-metal label.

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